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Istanbul is one of the few beautiful places in the world that has been a capital for a long time in the history scene. With the invasion and conquest that he lived in time, he was dressed in culture and color of many civilizations. The name of the historical peninsula is surrounded by Suriçi, Haliç, Istanbul Bosphorus and the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is based on the given name given to the region where the city was originally founded and developed. The city is known as an eagle nest for its location. The city is known as a settlement in a real sense. Its 300 thousand urban history dates back to about 3 thousand and the capital city dates to 1600 years. It was founded by the Greeks from Megara in 685 BC Later in the 7th century BC, in the beginning of the 3th century AD, various names of the Byzantines began to be mentioned. Constantine is the most known names known. After the capture by the Turks in the middle of the century Dersaadet and Istanbul are named after the name. The most important reason why the region is named as the historical peninsula is the oldest settlement of Istanbul, which is half of the historical places. It is a symbol of the palace, mosque, church, fountain, obelisk and houses dating from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods.Trihi peninsula was declared as the 1st degree archaeological urban archaeological and urban historical site in 1995 with a historic decision. Where the heart beats, Seres Old City Hotel opened its doors to welcome its guests in Sirkeci, the most beautiful place of the city that made up the mosaic stones of history. Our hotel combines the old style with the most beautiful building architecture of the history; It is the nicest hotel in the region because of its proximity to the places that carry authentic life samples and the walking distance to historical monuments.